Why work with ICDK?

At Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley we collaborate with highly skilled Entrepreneurs, Corporations and Knowledge Institutions. Since 2006 we have been present in the Valley, which has resulted in an extensive network, a deep understanding of the Ecosystem in the Bay Area, and knowledge about the ever-emerging technologies, business models and cutting edge research being conducted at the various Knowledge Institutions in the area.

Three statements defining who we are:

Exponential epicenter of cutting edge research, technology and innovation

We believe in technology driving business, and in open innovation. Being present in Silicon Valley means that we are located close to global corporate icons such as Apple, Google and Facebook. Furthermore the vibrant startup scene is right outside our door, and so is the largest concentration of VC’s in the world. Right in the middle of it all you find some of the worlds most renowned knowledge institutions like Berkeley, Stanford and Singularity University, who we collaborate and engage with in order for us to offer you the latest knowledge in the areas of exponential thinking, business, innovation and technology.

Experienced and independent consultants with a global state of mind

Our consultants have strong backgrounds in various sectors. This combined with our yearlong presence in Silicon Valley underlines the fact that we have a fathomable understanding of potential cross-sectorial influencers and complementary business opportunities. We have the necessary critical mass to provide you with diverse and in-depth perspectives. Therefore we are always ready to challenge you on your believes with the aim of you obtaining innovative and disruptive insights on how to create your distinctive capabilities of tomorrow.

Not just another consultancy company

We work on creating growth and jobs for Danish companies, and we can work for you. We are a governmental institution dedicated to helping you succeed. Therefore a potential collaboration will always be initiated a careful joint assessment of whether or not we are the best possible partner to help you realize your goals. Our position as a public institution is manifested in our global reaching network spanning the other innovation Centers in Munich, New Delhi, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo, the Invest in Denmark division around the world and the ramified Danish Export Offices.