Do you wish to take a head-dive into the Silicon Valley Eco-system? Infuse your company with knowledge of the latest business model or cutting edge technology being invented by top-tier entrepreneurs, corporations and knowledge institutions based in the Bay Area? We can help you boost your innovation capabilities, target your networking, validate your innovations or introduce you to those startups that are potentially going to disrupt your business in a not to far future.

Innovation Capabilities

Whether you are performing incremental or radical innovation in your corporation you should continuously strive to develop your innovation capabilities making sure that your employees posses the latest knowledge within innovation design. We can help you plan and execute top-tier innovation workshops featuring some of the most prominent innovators, researchers, corporations, and entrepreneurs in the Bay Area.

Targeted Networking

Targeting you networking efforts is alpha and omega when it comes to succesful networking. If you do not know who to approach or which key stakeholders to set up meetings with you have some long hours before you getting to know the right people, let alone meeting with them. We can help you make the most of your time by generating valuable leads and insights. Furthermore we can offer you access to our extensive network spanning knowledge institutions, corporations and entrepreneurs, and we can help you set up meetings.

Innovation Advisory

Everybody involved in innovation, product or business development knows how difficult it is to validate whether your newest idea or invention has the potential to disrupt the market, and make your customers clap their hands. Due to hyper-competition on the markets of today it is more important than ever to make sure that your innovations are worth both your time, and your money, before your invest heavily in their production and deployment. Get an external innovation advisory board with sector experts and top-tier researchers, and make sure that you are not innovation in vain!

Startup Connect

Innovation through exploration, and external ventures are becoming still more popular when it comes to joint development of the products of tomorrow. By collaborating with startups corporates can bring some entrepreneurial spirit back in house, and startups can leverage some of the qualities defining corporations. We can introduce you to the startups in our network, and local community, if your are interested in boosting your way of thinking and performing innovation through collaboration with the some of the startups that can potentially disrupt your business.