Innovation Advisory

Deciding on new Innovation Projects, and validating them can be a difficult task due to the threat of group mentality and group thinking – especially if the projects are grown in-house. External advisors are essential when it comes to reliable feedback on potential projects, and developments. When choosing our pre-selected advisors from the Bay Area you are guaranteed a top-tier Innovation Advisory Board.   

Get validation by experts!

Innovation Advisory as a service can be a way to secure external input and possibly validation. When you have described your plans for new innovation projects, we offer an advisory service to provide you with an external review of parameters such as:

• Uniqueness
• Relevance
• Business potential
• Global reach and partners

These parameters can be reviewed either with a basis in Silicon Valley and North America or with a globally oriented scope utilizing the network and knowledge of the other six Innovation Centers in Munich, New Delhi, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai or Tokyo.


“You can’t see the whole picture

from inside the frame.”

– Unknown

Members of your Innovation Board

Depending on the input needed we can establish a board of external advisers who will provide you with ongoing feedback or validation of a planned innovation project. Typically the types of advisors include:

  • Investors and Venture Capitalists: One third of US venture capital is located in the Bay Area. We can tap into our venture capital network and identify relevant expert investors to review your project.
  • Academia: At ICDK we have extensive connections with academia and research institutions in the US. In California alone we collaborate with Stanford, NASA and the Universities of California, Berkeley, SF, Davis and San Diego. On the east coast our network includes Harvard and MIT.
  • Sector Experts and Advisors: Our network includes a number of independent sector experts, advisors and business angels.
  • Research institutions: The Bay Area is known for its extensive number of business institutions, which means that your advisory board can also include researchers and other academic experts. These institutions include Institute for the Future, Singularity University, Strategic Business Insight (SBI) and OtherLab.
  • Corporate experts/advisors: A number of large Bay Area tech companies have in-house research/incubator units. This includes companies like SAP, Cisco, eBay, AT&T and Google. These sector experts can also be beneficial to include in an Innovation Advisory Board.