Innovation Capabilities

The Bay Area is packed with the world’s most renowned knowledge institutions, experts, and corporations constantly challenging and developing the ways of thinking and conducting innovation. Tap in, and boost your Innovation Capabilities while being tutored by experts unrivaled in their field within design thinking, organizing for innovation and future foresight and planning.  

Boost your Innovation Capabilties

This service is designed to help you in the planning and execution of global or local innovation workshops designed to challenge, improve and create your peculiar innovation capabilities. Other elements of this service can be to connect your business with other organizations, that have a distinct match, and exchange staff or ideas on how to manage innovation and develop capabilities.

Innovation Capabilities as a service is valuable to companies who are looking to inspire, enlighten and educate their employees, and at the same time strengthen their innovation skills based on the newest knowledge from the Bay Area.


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results

– Albert Einstein

Your Innovation Capabilities

Innovation Tools and Education as a service typically includes knowledge tours to Silicon Valley, customized knowledge and innovation workshops or other specific deliveries. When choosing to develop your innovation capabilities we conduct extensive planning and facilitating of the following events:

  • A roadmap of your current innovation capabilities
  • Knowledge and training tours to Silicon Valley featuring speaks and lectures from our knowledge partners and/or customized innovation workshops
  • Recommendations and strategic advice on further development of your innovation capabilities

We need to gain insight on your current innovation capabilities, and your ways of conducting in-house education so far to ensure you the most value of this service.