Startup Connect

Collaborating with startups can help you stay competitive, and even help you hack your own innovation process. Why walk the long mile of inventing the next cutting-edge technology alone, when you can learn from those startups that are currently turning new technologies, and ideas into businesses? Choose Startup Connect to connect and collaborate with startups, get inspired, and learn where your market is moving.

Stay competitive

We connect you to the startups that are shaping the future of your industry. Discover the newest ideas, technologies and business models.

Hack innovation

Choose Startup Connect, and hack you own innovation process. Receive insights on revolutionizing technologies already in use by leading startups.

Radical solutions

Navigating in an ever-changing environment demands radical solutions and new thinking. Expand your talent and idea pool by connecting and working with startups.

“Instead of thinking ‘some incumbents are gonna lose, some startups are gonna win’, startups should be seen as potential partners. Partners to create more value for your company, more value for the consumer, and for the whole industry.”

– Giuseppe Zocco, Co-founder of Index Ventures

Frontrunners of the future

Startup Connect is a service interlocking with our SCALEit startup platform. When choosing Startup Connect you will get facilitated access to relevant startups. The setting is Silicon Valley, where you, and the selected startups, will go through a weeklong program including new trends, business models and technologies. You get to bring your biggest challenge, and receive feedback and potential solutions from the participating startups. Why choose this serivce? Simply because you will get an one of a kind opportunity of gaining first-hand experience, and connecting with those frontrunners of the future who are eventually going to disrupt your market.