Targeted Networking

Spending numerous hours when looking for new potential technologies, business models or knowledge partners in Silicon Valley that can bring your business to the next innovational level, can be extremely overwhelming and frustrating. Targeted Networking as a service is designed to provide you with professional assessments of which key players in your field of interest to reach out to and connect with in the pursuit of innovation.  

About Targeted Networking

Targeted Networking as a service provides you with the inside knowledge of what is going on in Silicon Valley, whom to connect with, and whom to contemplate for inspiration. By choosing Targeted Networking as a service we conduct the preliminary scouting for you. Furthermore, we already have an extensive and established network spanning corporates, start-ups, knowledge specialists and technological experts that we can introduce you to and help you set up meetings with.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. 

If you want to go far, go with others.”

– Alfrican Proverb

What we see is what you get

The outcome of Targeted Networking as a service is generated on behalf of an extensive research and mapping process conducted by Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley. When choosing a retainer agreement the outcome of the service will typically be some of the following assessments:

  • Scouting, mapping and introduction to key stakeholders
  • Introduction to our extensive global network
  • Recommendations and strategic advice on further development of your network

Why choose this service?

Targeted Networking as a service is valuable to companies looking for thorough and nuanced assessments of which influential stakeholders to connect with when extending the network into Silicon Valley.

How to get started?

To ensure you the most value of Targeted Networking as a service we will start off by conducting interviews with you on you current business position and desired outcome.