Innovation Growth Garage

Silicon Valley is famous for its fast paced developments and trendsetting ways of doing business. Tapping into this vibrant ecosystem of technology and business is an opportunity not to miss out on if you wish to keep your innovation up to speed, and at the same time gain inside knowledge of the newest disruptions, and how they might affect your business. Choosing Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley as your Innovation Growth Garage will provide you with a local platform from where you can grow and innovate your business.

Start growing your business today!

Innovation Growth Garage is all about extending your home office to include Silicon Valley. Being present in the Bay Area will boost your insights on technologies, business models and ways of conducting innovation, which you can leverage when you develop your business or scout for new potential business partners. Innovation Center Denmark is located in the heart of Silicon Valley only a few minutes away from Stanford University and Sand Hill Road, the epicenter of the venture capital industry. With Innovation Growth Garage, you get the chance to set up your new business frontier at one of the best addresses in the Valley.

Innovation Growth Garage is a service designed to help you set up business in the Valley in no time. From here, you can take a dive head first into the famous ecosystem, and you will have direct access to additional resources and need-based consulting from our knowledgeable consultants at the Innovation Center.

When setting up your Innovation Growth Garage you can choose between different office setups. Contact us to get to know more.


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

– Henry Ford

Is this service valuable to you?

Innovation Growth Garage is valuable to companies who wish a plug-and-play office solution that will provide them with a platform from where to innovate, scale and accelerate their business.

An interim or permanent solution?

The Innovation Growth Garage can be an interim solution with the objective of you to outgrow the facilities in 6-12 months due to accelerated business, but it can also be a more permanent solution.