Partner and Business Development

Managing a business on the hyper-competitive markets of today is extremely challenging, and you need to constantly develop and innovate your business if you wish to stay in the game. By choosing Partner and Business Development as a service, Innovation Center Denmark can become your local partner in Silicon Valley, initiating and negotiating new strategic collaborations and partnerships that help you in your pursuit of innovation.

Engage in new strategic partnerships

Partner and Business Development as a service is designed to assist your company when wishing to engage in new strategic partnerships with the aim of developing your business. The Bay Area is know for it fast-paced development, and it is considered the technological epicenter of the world, encompassing an entire ecosystem of technology-, business- and knowledge institutions. When choosing Partner and Business Development, we can leverage our yearlong presence in the ecosystem, thereby providing you with insights on those potential strategic partnerships spanning cross sector, that can help you realize or invent the next big disruption.

With this service you will be provided with thorough insights and advice on how to develop your business in a way that will give you distinctive competitive advantages and a sustainable business. The outcome of the Partner and Business Development service is spanning the entire process from us conducting initial scouting of potential business partners to managing and setting up meetings with potential new partners, customers and suppliers. When choosing Partner and Business Development as a service the outcome can consist of the following deliveries:

  • Scouting and introduction to key stakeholders of interest
  • Initiating, facilitation and executing business meetings with potential strategic partners
  • Recommendations and strategic advice on further business development through cross sectorial thinking and innovation

“There are two ways to extend a business. Take inventory of what you’re good at and extend out from your skills. Or determine what your customers need and work backward, even if it requires learning new skills.”

-Jeff Bezos

Is this service valuable to you?

Partner and Business Development as a service is valuable to companies who are looking for locally anchored competencies that can help them scout, initiate and negotiate new partnerships in Silicon Valley in the pursuit of superior business development.

How to get started?

Partner and Business Development as a service requires extensive interviews in order for us to grasp you as-is situation, and furthermore understand how your current culture, management and way of doing business can be challenged in order for you to experience the most valuable outcome.