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In the Explore phase you seek information, insights and knowledge about the way they do business in Silicon Valley in order for you to get immersed into the Silicon-Valley-mindset. Inspired by the first American settlers the Explore phase is all about doing your due diligence before choosing to set up a platform in Silicon Valley or engage in new partnerships. The Explore phase span services like tailor made innovation workshops with local knowledge institutions like Stanford, Berkeley, Singularity and Institute for the future.


Technology and Business Scouting

Knowing and acting in accordance with the emerging technologies and business models expected to become significant disruptors – or understanding how exponential development is going to disrupt your business, is key to your success on the markets of tomorrow. Technology and Business Scouting as a service is designed to provide you with knowledge and insight on how the companies and key stakeholders in your field of expertise or cross sector key players are developing technology, managing business models and driving their business with distinctive innovative capabilities.

Innovation Workshops

Do you need to get a new infusion of knowledge on how to do innovation? When choosing the Bay Area as the arena for your up-coming Innovation Workshop you are guaranteed top-tier lectures, speaks and workshops facilitated by some of the worlds most renowned knowledge institutions. Combine your innovation workshop with meetings with some of the global corporate innovation leaders from corporations like facebook, Apple, Uber and Google, learn from the present Danish corporations and entrepreneurs, and get inspired by the cutting edge research, new business models and ways of doing business in the Bay Area.



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Anders Christjansen

Anders Christjansen Senior Advisor

Phone: + 1 408 637 9367

Mail: anbuch@um.dk

Skype: abchristj

Henrik Bo Larsen

Henrik Bo Larsen Senior Advisor

Phone: +1 650 739 9959

Mail: hebola@um.dk

Skype: Henrik Bo

Line Rodil

Line Rodil Innovation Consultant

Phone: +1 415 494 1258

Mail: linrod@um.dk

Skype: linerodil

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